Today I woke up at 5, surprisingly with no struggles waking up at all! I think I could get used to this, but then against, I shouldn’t get used to this.

Today at work, we performed a bunch of odd and end tasks because there simply wasn’t much to do.

I got the speakers that were sold packaged and they’ll be shipped tomorrow after work. I’ll miss my CyberAcoustics speakers, especially the bass speaker!

Tonight at institute, we learned about Adam and his posterity, both righteous and not righteous.

We learned about how Adam early one was given the ability to read and write. In Moses 6, the scriptures share how Adam wrote in what they called the “Book of Remembrance.” This is the first book of scripture (the Lord’s revelations about his plan) in this Earthly world. As in the modern day church, in Adam’s day they were a record keeping people.

Children of men are workers of men, disobedient to God, and are cursed. Children of God were record keeping, had many children, believed in God, were righteous, and lived long.

We learned from Moses 6:32&34 that The Lord will help us when we do what he commands us. This reminds me of a of one of my favorite messages from Music and the Spoken Word.

I went to bed around 9:30 after a typical Tuesday.