I woke up at 5:30 after many times hitting the snooze button. After the exciting weekend I had, I knew today was not going to go well.

At work, we essentially finished up with all the signing that we had left to do for the remodel.

At FHE, Rachel Marker shared a parable that Elder Rhodes shared yesterday at Stake Conference. The parable was about Elder Rhodes’ grandpa who was hiking in the desert and thought he knew the difference between sound of grass hoppers and rattle snakes. He got a prompting that he needed to stop and saw the rattle snake, he then realized that he did not truly know the difference between the snake and grass hopper. If he had gone any further, he would have been in the perfect place for the snake to bite him. He let traffic on the trail know, a perfect example of warning your neighbor. He also let the snake slither away rather than kill it like a biker wanted to do, a perfect example of loving your enemies.

After the lesson at FHE, we played ultimate frisbee, ate root beer floats, and played on the playground equipment shaped like a rocket.

I finally got home at 10pm and fell asleep shortly there after.