Yesterday’s adventures were of a temporal nature. Today’s were of a spiritual.

I woke up at 7am and finished arranging my transcription of John Philip Sousa’s “The Washington Post” March. I left for church at 12:30, but not without stopping at Dairy Queen to celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

I arrived at church around 1:15 to practice the organ and set up the av equipment for stake conference. I only got about 50% done setting up as I don’t have all the equipment I needed.

We had two beautiful sessions. During priesthood, Presidents Kindt and Cutler spoke. President Kindt’s talk I was absent for to attempt to find a solution for the av. President Cutler spoke about the importance of missionary lessons with members present. Our visiting general authority, Elder George Rhodes, spoke again on missionary work and following the promptings of the spirit.

In the adult/youth session, President Cropper of the stake presidency spoke about service in missionary work. He said that service is the best way to reach out to others. President Kindt shared some of his family background from World War 1. We had about 6 or so members bear their testimonies on various topics. Elder Rhodes finished by sharing about promptings again and how many blessings come from following just one.

After conference, a group of YSAs and myself hung out at Culvers, including that cute one I may or may not like.

Tomorrow, I’ll need to go to another church nearby to get a VCR or two for the av stuff. I’ll also be operating the camera.

Good night and good luck!