I was off of work for family reasons today, so I was able to sleep in until 7am.

The morning was kind of boring, but it was nice to get to St. Mary’s Catholic Church to play their organ for a few minutes. While I was there, I performed the Happy Birthday song and published that performance on YouTube. I will use that performance for my Facebook birthday posts.

In the early afternoon, was a family event. This is all I can say, though. In respect of the individual(s) involved, I will not shared what happened. I am deeply grateful for Heavenly Father’s love of each of His children. I am also so glad that the things that has happened the past 1.5 years finally has some closure.

I tried donating plasma, but was unsuccessful.

Today’s institute lesson was out of Moses Chapter 4 and 5. We learned from Moses 4:22 that Adam did not so much rule over Eve, but rather he presided over Eve and their family. We covered how the fall of Adam was really a blessing for us because we are able to be here to understand the word of The Lord. We learned that the Savior came to this earth because it is the most wicked.
Adam and Eve were the first Christians because they were followers of Christ. This is significantly different than many other churches because they teach that people could only be Christians after Christ came to the Earth.
Some of the first Children of Adam and Eve were fooled by Satan and stopped following Christ. How disappointing as parents?
We learned about Cain and Abel. This is the first murder of the Earth. We learned about how to overcome the natural man.
In Moses 5:45 is the first time harps and organs are known to be used on this Earth.
We talked about repentance (something I needed today) that if we do not repent or else it will be used against us at judgement day. Satan would rather have us not repent so that our sins will be known by everybody.
It was at this point I started to get a bit sleepy, so I decided to stop taking notes and just payed attention. I am getting to be around 9pm tonight.