June is going to be absolutely amazing. The first day of June hasn’t even ended yet and it’s been a blast. I woke up at 5:30 this morning, took a shower, turned on my computer and started arranging John Philip Sousa’s “The Liberty Bell” for organ. I want to arrange a few Sousa marches for organ before I leave on my mission.

I arrived at church around 7:15, narrowed down my choice of hymns for an upcoming Sacrament meeting musical number to 2: “Come Thou Fount” or “Jehovah, Lord of Heaven and Earth.”I also practiced a few other things just for kicks.

Today’s lesson in priesthood was about family history work and how it’s one of the most important things we can do to Hasten the Work of Salvation. Family History work is so important because our ancestors are not able to do their ordinances themselves, so it is up to us to do it for them. This does not mean that other missionary work for people that are alive is any less important. In Sunday School today, we learned from 1 Samuel, chapters 2, 3, and 8. In these chapters, we learn of Samuel’s call to be a prophet of the Lord and how we must always be listening to the Spirit and heeding it’s promptings.

Today’s Sacrament meeting was Fast and Testimony meeting, so picking hymns is just picking songs I want to play. Opening: 243 Let Us All Press On (Using Richard Elliott’s arrangement as inspiration) Sacrament: 180 Father in Heaven, We Do Believe Closing: 60 Battle Hymn of the Republic (Because last Monday was Memorial Day, I also used the famed Peter Wilhousky arrangement for inspiriation) We had beautiful testimonies given from the Munson family children, people who went on the Kirtland trip, and many other life experiences.

Following Sacrament meeting, Steven Richards, Hyrum Horton, and myself rehearsed a song that we’ll be singing at an upcoming branch activity. It’s going to be amazing.

At about 2:45 I got a notification on my phone about a severe thunderstorm warning for Outagamie county, got my things, and dashed to the car so I could go chase it. I got drenched and saw so many beautiful lightning strikes. The thunder was so loud and it reminded me of a bass drum in a marching band. The lightning strike in the video attached is from the storms I was chasing. For news media wanting to use the clip of the video attached, please click here.