I woke up at 5am this morning and hopped into the shower. Instead of doing my usual shower routine of conducting, I sang instead because today we are having tryouts to sing the national anthem for my Walmart’s (#2958) grand re-opening ceremony. I wanted to make sure my voice was in tip-top shape for this.

I was outside for most of the day today, so I got really tired, really quickly. Today was one of those days that made Walmart’s hour long lunch breaks seem worth it. During the store’s morning meeting, we had tryouts for the national anthem. I sang and the video is posted above. We’ll know who one sometime soon.

After work, I relaxed for a few minutes and then attempted to donate plasma but my pulse was too high. Then I went over to a friends house to fix her Wi-Fi router. Last, but not least, I started building my mom’s new bookcase.

Tomorrow’s big activity is a branch activity in Green Bay.