Yes…but no…It’s okay though

Today was epic! I woke up at 5am as I usually do on Sundays. The weather was absolutely, positively, drop-dead gorgeous. Today’s high was 75° and mostly sunny.

Church was wonderful, the spirit felt by all. In priesthood, we were taught by Steven Richards from the Joseph Fielding Smith book in chapter 10, “Our Search for Truth.” I particularly love talking about how truth comes from God, is the only thing we can take back to Heaven, and that we are encouraged by the Church to gain truth and knowledge.

In Sunday school, we were taught out of the book of Judges. In chapter 2, we learned about how the Church and ourselves are supported by stakes. It is through these stakes that we can remain faithful in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Later we learned about Sampson and how his hair was a symbol of his covenants and talked about the symbols of covenants in our day.

Today’s sacrament meeting consisted of 3 talks, 3 congregational hymns, and a special musical number.

Today’s hymns I selected were of importance to those members of the branch that would be going on the Kirtland trip scheduled for next weekend. The opening and closing hums were both sung at the dedication of the Kirtland temple.

Opening: 3 Now Let Us Rejoice
Sacrament: 190 In Memory of the Crucified
Intermediate:A beautiful duet of 2 female voices, being Katie and Emilie Kakuschke, with Emilie accompanying on the guitar. They sang “Nearer My God to Thee,” a personnel favorite of mine.
Closing: 2 The Spirit of God

The talks were absolutely wonderful, I definitely felt the spirit. Liam Carroll spoke on the importance of essentially not being a slacker (I think this talk was the most important to me), Kjirstin Pond spoke about how the people you are with the most have the most influence on you (Jesus Christ being the person we should want to be with the most), and Patrick Carroll spoke on the importance of the gospel in general (always important).

Immediately after church, was the potluck, which was wonderful. I love food.

I asked a beautiful young woman out on a date today. I was totes nervous about the prospect of doing this, but after watching Music and the Spoken Word with the Tabernacle Choir, I was completely calm and ready to ask. This broadcast was especially helpful because it hit several times on the topic of courage. The beautiful young woman said yes, but unfortunately later realized that she would be out I town that day. It’s all good though. Her name will remain anonymous to protect the innocent. I will now ask somebody else.

I uploaded a video of myself playing an improvisation on “Happy Birthday.” The video is posted above.

After I uploaded this, I went to church again for a rebroadcast of the CES Devotional with Elder M. Russell Ballard.