It’s Wednesday! Yay! Two more days until Friday!

Work today consisted of tossing old steel shelving in to dumpsters–there’s nothing like making a ruckus early in the morning! Then I swept for the rest of the morning. Lastly, I put up new signage. Fun? Sure.

When I arrived to the car after getting out of work, I find that a bird had diarrhea and left 20 droppings. So, I decided today was a good day to take care of cleaning the car. First, I took out all the garbage put it in the dumpster room at home. Second, I hosed down the floor mats which I waited to do until after winter had ended. Third, I vacuumed out the car. Lastly, I went to the gas station and used the car wash solution to clean off the bird droppings.

While at the gas station, I captured the video above. It is a touchscreen soda dispenser. Here’s step by step instruction on how to use it:

  1. Get as much ice as you’d like,
  2. Select the soda you want to drink–to do this either use your finger to rotate the options through or find your desired soda and tap on it,
  3. If you want flavoring, select your desired flavor
  4. Hit pour until your cup is full

For those who are in wheel chairs, use the buttons below the screen to satisfy your cravings. Cool stuff, eh?

After all this excitement, I now have absolutely no stuff to do. Good night!