Social media-whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc is a wonderful medium for connecting with other individuals who share the same passions and interestsĀ or these others are just some acquaintances.

No matter who you’re friends with and who follows you, there is always a need for proper social media etiquette. As social media, smartphones, tablets, and other mediums of sharing become so prevalent, people are sharing even over-sharing. We need to stop using our devices when interacting with other people, it detracts from the whole purpose of being there. During church, when we are there to be uplifted by the good word of God, the smartphone needs to be put away and attention focus towards the spirit.

I know you may have some important things on your devices that you use, whether they be books, articles, photos, etc, please continue use them for those purposes. However, when you are tempted to post on social media, play video games; put them away, and focus on why you’re there.

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