On a wonderful day like today!

Not much happened today that was exciting. My sunburn got worse, I worked outside today, and then I came home. My life is so fulfilling…okay.

I tried donating plasma today, but my pulse was 2 bpm too high. I haven’t called that one person yet about that date thingymabobber but I really need to soon!

It’s hump day!

Wednesdays, as of late, have been either the only or one of two days of the week that I don’t have something going on. I love having some of that me time!

At work, I was outside all day. I would not be surprised if I walked a good 3 or 4 miles. I also got a bit burned from the sun (this is why rain is better than sun). I loved the wind though, it made the sun bearable.

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Chapter 2 & 3, but mainly 2

Woke up at 5am (see a reoccurring theme here?) today. At work we did more signage and worked outside for a good amount of time. After work, I went to my Grandmother’s house to cut her lawn.


We started by signing “For the Beauty of the Earth,” as we focused today on the creation. We saw two videos from Elders Neal A Maxwell and Russell M Nelson about the heavens and the creation of Earth.

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Monday Funday

Willie: Excuse me, sir, could you tell me who gave you our name? Guy from the Alien Task Force: As I told Ms. Tanner, that’s strictly Ochmonek–anonymous.

Following a spiritual high and other wonderful events on Sunday, yesterday (at least for a Monday) was surprisingly great.

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Yes…but no…It’s okay though

Today was epic! I woke up at 5am as I usually do on Sundays. The weather was absolutely, positively, drop-dead gorgeous. Today’s high was 75° and mostly sunny.

Church was wonderful, the spirit felt by all. In priesthood, we were taught by Steven Richards from the Joseph Fielding Smith book in chapter 10, “Our Search for Truth.” I particularly love talking about how truth comes from God, is the only thing we can take back to Heaven, and that we are encouraged by the Church to gain truth and knowledge.

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