The First Week Back

We’ll go ahead and begin with preparation day. It was crazy. Emailing was strange since it was the last time doing it on the mission as I didn’t have many people to chat with, so I quickly finished up and then did some family history research by looking at how far back my family tree […]

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The Prompting as Clear as a Bell

It’s been a great week. Today it was time for a new belt, it’s a size 42, I have no idea what that means, but it’s at least 6 inches smaller than my old belt. The other belt you bought me before my belt wasn’t that great, it’s as if it was made of cardboard […]

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Our Blessings Would not be Possible without the Gospel on the Earth

I’ve had a great week here. The work of the Lord continues uninterrupted. In reconciliation, we are getting closer to our deadline before escheated checks are turned over to the states that they were issued in. To assure that as much of the sacred funds are not lost we are going through the Church’s banking […]

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Joseph Smith—History

Today I worked for 9 hours. I have 5 more days left until I leave! Today I cut my grandmas grass. Before I did that, I took a nap for about half an hour. Today’s institute lesson was from Joseph Smith—History, a book from the Pearl of Great Price, documenting the early years of The […]

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Power of Everyday Missionaries

Today, I worked for 9 hours. There are 6 days now before I leave for my mission! I also was able to take a nap for about an hour before FHE today. Today’s FHE was hosted by the Munson family (the Branch President and his family), we always love having that unique spirit that is […]

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