Monsoon Like Week

Outside, it’s been rainy & cold practically all week long. Inside, it’s dry and warm. I think I’ve preferred being inside this week. This week I had the opportunity to play the Tabernacle Organ. It was an amazing feeling being wrapped in the music I was making. I again played “Called to Serve.” This week […]

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The Call to Serve—Version 2.0

I’ve been on a service mission now for approximately 7 months now. I’ve wanted to serve a mission for almost all my life, but in recent years I was disqualified because of my weight. That has changed.

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Anxiously waiting

This week has been one of anxiety as I have gone from waiting to impatiently waiting for my call. I guess the Lord is really trying my patience right now. That’s okay, it’s a virtue I’ll need on my fulltime mission. This week at the Conference Center was amazing. I’m not really sure why it […]

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The Papers Are In

It’s a joyous feeling to be able to say that my full-time mission papers are in. A year ago, I never thought that it would be possible, but it was. Now I wait (not exactly patiently) for the call to come. It could come this week or next week. I was a little scared when […]

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100 Pounds Lost—RE: How Did You Do It?

A week or so ago after posting on Facebook that I had lost more than 90 pounds and am now eligible to serve a full-time mission, I was asked several times how I did it. This is my response: Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? I’m Allen (you know that) and I was born […]

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