The Rain Keeps Coming

This has been an exciting week. We’ve visited a of people and seen a lot of miracles from working with the ward members to random referrals we weren’t expecting. Monday, we finished our preparation day by visiting as many members of the ward prior to our special ward council meeting that would happen the next […]

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A Really Fast Week Because We’ve Been Busy

Wow, the transfer is already half over? Where has the time gone? Monday evening was a first for me, we were trying to stop by a former investigator near where a police helicopter (or as they call them here, ghetto birds) was circling the night sky. We got to the house where we wanted to […]

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A Week of Changes

We knew ahead of time of a few meetings that would happen as we planned for this past week. Little did we know what changes would happen. They are for the better, we believe, but at the same time we haven’t really had the opportunity to really live the changes either. Let’s review the week. […]

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Is This The El Nino That Thou Hast Spoken Of?

This week we’ve had a bunch of rain, apparently 4 or 5″ just this week. Apparently we’re due for some more next week also. I guess the el nino that was “prophesied” by meteorologists to come last year finally came…this year. I’m glad that the person who persuaded me that I needed a rain coat […]

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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Well, considering the fact that I am emailing you today, it would be easy to figure out that yes p-day was in fact moved to Tuesday because of library closures due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The last week of the transfer is always completely crazy. There is always that feeling of “what is […]

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