A rough day

I woke up at 5am, even though I was dead tired, I decided I would stay up anyway. Today I was outside again cleaning out the containers so they could be hauled away. There is only a little bit more to do tomorrow. Glad this Walmart job is almost done. After work wasn’t so great. […]

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I need more sleep!

I woke up this morning to the alarm clock 3 times, because somebody decided to make a snooze button. I finally gave in and got out of bed. Still, I NEED MORE SLEEP! Today at work, we cleaned up in produce after bugging them for like a month because of remodeling there. Later, I assembled […]

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Things happen and then it’s Monday

After this weekend’s fun-filled adventures, to wake up this morning was difficult. I’m over it. Most of the day at work, I spent putting together product displays. Fun fun for everyone.

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On a wonderful day like today!

Not much happened today that was exciting. My sunburn got worse, I worked outside today, and then I came home. My life is so fulfilling…okay. I tried donating plasma today, but my pulse was 2 bpm too high. I haven’t called that one person yet about that date thingymabobber but I really need to soon!

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Stormy Monday—My Favorite!

Woke up at 3:45am to the sights and sounds of a thunderstorm. What a wonderful way to start a work week! Being in a fourth floor apartment, thunder is amplified tremendously, but I’m not complaining. I quickly rolled out of bed, turned on my video camera and hit record.

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