Busy Week in Mint Canyon

We’ve found a lot of success by working hard, being obedient, being more urgent, etc here in Mint Canyon this week. It’s been wonderful to see the Lord’s blessings. For preparation day we had a few fun activities. First, we went mountain biking up a short mountain to where we stood on top of said […]

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Lots of Miracles

We’ve had an awesome week this week, so hopefully we’ll have an even better week by working with the people we met with this week. Starting with this past Tuesday, we set a goal to pick up a family as investigators during weekly planning. After planning we set out to work and the following happened: […]

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First Week in Mint Canyon

Being back in the Santa Clarita valley is really crazy. It’s so much fun and it’s been a bit overwhelming as well. Tuesday was the sad unfortunate day of transfers. It was sad seeing so many of the Spanish-speaking missionaries that came out with me leave, for my same fate lies ahead in not so […]

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Last Transfer–Crazy Transfer

Well, I’m getting transferred. I’m off to Mint Canyon for my last 6 weeks on the mission with 2 new companions, Elders Clark (not the person I trained, a different Elder Clark) and we will be finishing the training of another missionary, Elder Carter. I’ll explain more later, but it made for an interesting round […]

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My Last General Conference of My Mission

The subject explains a bit of sadness I am feeling right now. There are a lot of mission milestones and one of the milestone systems is the number of General Conferences left. I have none. Anyways, it’s been quite a fast week despite the fact that we were all getting very excited for General Conference. […]

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