Great week on Temple Square

It’s been a great week here on temple square. I started working in check reconciliation on Monday. One nice thing about working in this department is that the websites we use here don’t break down so much. In member locator, one of the websites we often used would quit working several times each day. In […]

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This week has been a blast!

This week has been a blast! This week I met with a team leader in the requisition department at the global service center. I’ll be working in that department next week. I will essentially be calling priesthood leaders to ask them why checks haven’t been deposited yet. I’ll be doing that on Mondays, Wednesdays, and […]

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A Week of Blessings

My week had barely begun and it started off very well. Church was delightful, there were wonderful lessons in all of the 3 hours. After Church ended, I joined the ward choir. The ward choir is conducted by Sister Ballantyne, Richard Elliott’s wife who happens to be the ward choir accompanist. We are singing “All […]

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