Meet the Mormons (the movie)

Happy New Years, Mom and Dad! I know we haven’t celebrated New Years that much before, and I’m certainly not starting this year. Being on a diet and all I’m so grateful that this holiday season is over. On Christmas Day I went to Karl’s brother’s house for a brunch. I’m glad it was so […]

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Prayer for Santa to come was answered

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad (rec’d 12/20) I’m so glad all my parties are done for this holiday season, it makes dieting hard. On the bright side, I lost 10 pounds this month, so I must be doing something right. This past week I’ve filled in a few times at the front desk which is […]

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Christmas is in the air!

Christmas is in the air here in Salt Lake City. I’ve had 2 Christmas parties so far. One party was held yesterday in Layton for the Tuesday evening shift of hosts for the Conference Center. This morning was a party for the afternoon ward (congregation) that meets in the same building that my records are […]

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Thanksgiving with the Ellsworth’s

It’s been a lovely week here in Salt Lake City. It was delightful to see the Ellsworth’s again and to spend time with them for Thanksgiving (we knew the family from church when they lived in Appleton years ago—they reached out to Allen via Facebook and invited him). It’s been a fairly uneventful week at […]

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Men of the Choir

Not much has changed about the global service center mission, except that I’m particularly excited about the Christmas social that will happen next month that the Church is providing to all of the missionaries and employees in the building. It will have a devotional with the Presiding Bishopric with a buffet afterwards. The following Tuesday […]

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