Anxiously waiting

This week has been one of anxiety as I have gone from waiting to impatiently waiting for my call. I guess the Lord is really trying my patience right now. That’s okay, it’s a virtue I’ll need on my fulltime mission. This week at the Conference Center was amazing. I’m not really sure why it […]

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The Papers Are In

It’s a joyous feeling to be able to say that my full-time mission papers are in. A year ago, I never thought that it would be possible, but it was. Now I wait (not exactly patiently) for the call to come. It could come this week or next week. I was a little scared when […]

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Only a Matter of Time

I realized this week was exactly one month since having the prompting that I needed to go on a full-time mission. A lot has happened in that month time. I’ve had my dentist/doctors appointments, my bishop interview, my papers submitted, and new pictures taken. I have felt the help of the Lord every step of […]

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Mission Application Completed

I got some new photos taken (free of charge!) on Thursday which was the final step for submitting my mission papers on my end. I received the email with the photos on Thursday evening and made a quick stop in the office on Friday afternoon after a temple session to submit & finish my papers […]

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Busy Week – GSC mission conference & ACDA

There are no pictures this week. There have been so many things to do and not enough time to do them in. Yesterday, I went to the dentist office, the dentist here has given me the approval to go on a full-time mission, so long as I come in for a cleaning and filling on […]

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