Purpose of Tabernacle Choir & a Prophet’s Inspiration

How’s the weather there? It’s balmy (58°F as I write) here! It’s nice to hang out on the surface of Temple Square. As much as I enjoy the tunnels, I’m enjoying the fresh air just as much! My diet could not be more than grateful for this gorgeous spring-like weather. As a matter of fact […]

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Meet the Mormons (the movie)

Happy New Years, Mom and Dad! I know we haven’t celebrated New Years that much before, and I’m certainly not starting this year. Being on a diet and all I’m so grateful that this holiday season is over. On Christmas Day I went to Karl’s brother’s house for a brunch. I’m glad it was so […]

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Honor and Privilege

I’m enjoying my time on my mission thus far. It is an honor and privilege to be able to serve with such wonderful people and see what it takes to operate the Lord’s church. This week I was called to be on the Global Service Center mission council. I’m not entirely sure yet what is […]

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