Monsoon Like Week

Outside, it’s been rainy & cold practically all week long. Inside, it’s dry and warm. I think I’ve preferred being inside this week. This week I had the opportunity to play the Tabernacle Organ. It was an amazing feeling being wrapped in the music I was making. I again played “Called to Serve.” This week […]

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A Wonderful Week

This has been a wonderful week as I’ve been able to serve in my various mission assignments. It’s been a test of my patience as I have gone out shopping this week for new clothing for my mission. I really just want to put the shirt on and be done, but I can’t do that […]

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Living On Cloud Nine

This has been one of the most exciting weeks on my mission to date. It feels so good to have my full time mission call and to start getting ready for that. Of chorus, I’ve already prepared myself spiritually, but now I have to re-prepare temporally. I didn’t really guess where I was going to […]

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The Call to Serve—Version 2.0

I’ve been on a service mission now for approximately 7 months now. I’ve wanted to serve a mission for almost all my life, but in recent years I was disqualified because of my weight. That has changed.

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Anxiously waiting

This week has been one of anxiety as I have gone from waiting to impatiently waiting for my call. I guess the Lord is really trying my patience right now. That’s okay, it’s a virtue I’ll need on my fulltime mission. This week at the Conference Center was amazing. I’m not really sure why it […]

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