Mission Interview and a New Shirt

Today I woke up at 4:30 so I could have enough time to prepare for the day and meet with my Branch president before I left for work. Today at work, we did a lot of cleaning. *eyes roll* After work, I got my new MoTab t-shirt (pictured above) and got my new dress shoes […]

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Tuesdays are worse than Mondays

Today I woke up at 5, surprisingly with no struggles waking up at all! I think I could get used to this, but then against, I shouldn’t get used to this. Today at work, we performed a bunch of odd and end tasks because there simply wasn’t much to do. I got the speakers that […]

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An I wish this was under better circumstances kind of day

I was off of work for family reasons today, so I was able to sleep in until 7am. The morning was kind of boring, but it was nice to get to St. Mary’s Catholic Church to play their organ for a few minutes. While I was there, I performed the Happy Birthday song and published […]

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And on the eighth day…

1 And God made a pig, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the eighth day. 2 And God said let there be bacon, and [insert dramatic pause here] there was bacon. 3 For my soul delighteth in the eating of #bacon; yea, the eating of bacon by the […]

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Chapter 2 & 3, but mainly 2

Woke up at 5am (see a reoccurring theme here?) today. At work we did more signage and worked outside for a good amount of time. After work, I went to my Grandmother’s house to cut her lawn. Institute We started by signing “For the Beauty of the Earth,” as we focused today on the creation. […]

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