In Pain

Wednesday and Thursday I worked for 9 hours each and I was trying to fix a problem I’ve been getting with Google Chrome. On Friday, I worked for 6 hours, came home to have Geek Squad try and fix the issue with Google Chrome, but my dad turned off the computer while they were fixing […]

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Today I woke up at the early time of 3:30. I was awake but I wasn’t ready to go to work quite yet. I worked today for 9 hours, one day closer to the weekend. I tried taking a nap today, but was once again unsuccessful. I had an appointment with the dentist today to […]

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Goodbye iPhone, Goodbye Hackintosh

I woke up dark and early today at the unmentionable time of 3am. Yikes! I forgot about that time of day. It’s been at least a year and half since I woke up THAT early. Once I get in the swing of things and get used to my sleep schedule, I’m sure that it won’t […]

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Adventure Friday

I woke up today at 5am all excited to get my day started. Obviously it’s Friday. Today at work I sorted through signs to see what we would keep and what we wouldn’t. I used my new super-stealth earpiece to communicate on the walkie-talkie. More on this earpiece in the next paragraph.

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