Mission Application Completed

I got some new photos taken (free of charge!) on Thursday which was the final step for submitting my mission papers on my end. I received the email with the photos on Thursday evening and made a quick stop in the office on Friday afternoon after a temple session to submit & finish my papers […]

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Busy Week – GSC mission conference & ACDA

There are no pictures this week. There have been so many things to do and not enough time to do them in. Yesterday, I went to the dentist office, the dentist here has given me the approval to go on a full-time mission, so long as I come in for a cleaning and filling on […]

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Getting the Ball Rolling

As you are well aware, I’m getting the ball rolling on my mission papers. I’ve got appointments set for both the doctor and dentist and they’re both in the next week and a half! This would not have been possible without help of the Lord. I’m meeting with Bishop Daley this afternoon to get more […]

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The Prompting as Clear as a Bell

It’s been a great week. Today it was time for a new belt, it’s a size 42, I have no idea what that means, but it’s at least 6 inches smaller than my old belt. The other belt you bought me before my belt wasn’t that great, it’s as if it was made of cardboard […]

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Purpose of Tabernacle Choir & a Prophet’s Inspiration

How’s the weather there? It’s balmy (58°F as I write) here! It’s nice to hang out on the surface of Temple Square. As much as I enjoy the tunnels, I’m enjoying the fresh air just as much! My diet could not be more than grateful for this gorgeous spring-like weather. As a matter of fact […]

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