RE: #FlyoverRadio: American faith and the rise of the ‘nones’

Lead image from the Standard Examiner I was about this close 👌 to being on the radio today (I mean hey, I do have a face for radio, but I digress). It was about religion in this day and age and how many people ages 18-35 are leaving and why some chose to come back. […]

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Another Week of Interviews

Well, this should be the last of the weekly updates as I’ll transition to writing a daily blog post.  We’ll begin with Monday as we’ve done the in the past like two years. It was a fairly uneventful day as far as things I did. I found many jobs to apply to–and I applied for […]

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Somethings Never Change

To begin, it must needs be that I write an apology. I’ve been down right lousy at updating my blog lately. I promise to be better at that starting now. Beginning with Monday, it was Memorial day, it began with some exercise, for I knew that I’d be eating quite a bit of food. It […]

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The First Week Back

We’ll go ahead and begin with preparation day. It was crazy. Emailing was strange since it was the last time doing it on the mission as I didn’t have many people to chat with, so I quickly finished up and then did some family history research by looking at how far back my family tree […]

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Anxiously waiting

This week has been one of anxiety as I have gone from waiting to impatiently waiting for my call. I guess the Lord is really trying my patience right now. That’s okay, it’s a virtue I’ll need on my fulltime mission. This week at the Conference Center was amazing. I’m not really sure why it […]

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