Somethings Never Change

To begin, it must needs be that I write an apology. I’ve been down right lousy at updating my blog lately. I promise to be better at that starting now.

Beginning with Monday, it was Memorial day, it began with some exercise, for I knew that I’d be eating quite a bit of food. It was first the Appleton first ward breakfast. I helped cook by making pancakes. It was nice to see so many people whom I used to be in the same ward with. However, a] a lot of people have moved and b] it’s simply a strange experience when it’s not your ward. Then I bought some tomatoes and peppers to plant in our balcony garden. Then it was back to the park for the second ward lunch. Yummy burgers.

Tuesday, the job hunt officially began. I applied for approximately four jobs and got a big dent on my resume. I also donated plasma.

Wednesday we went to the Chicago temple. It was so nice to be back in the temple i received my endowments in. After that we made a special visit to a family member.

Thursday, it was more jobs.

Friday, in addition to applying for jobs, I got several call backs. Already for this next week I have three interviews scheduled. I’m excited! As to be expected, some were also rejected.

Saturday, we made our grocery runs, going to the freshly remodeled Aldi! Yay good food for not a lot of money!

Sunday, we went to the first ward for sacrament meeting and sunday school. This was because we had a family reunion on my father’s side. It was good to see them again after three years. We also made a visit to my Grandmother on my mother’s side.

I say somethings don’t change because it’s true. My family is still my family despite what trials we may go through. The sky is still blue. Getting hired is still a long process. My home is about as messy and cluttered as it was when I left. Just to name a few.

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