Job Interviews Lining Up

In only my second full week back, I’ve had 4 job interviews and at least 3 are expected next week. I’m really happy about the results of the job hunt so far. I do need to begin stepping up the notch though because it seems that these interview aren’t going anywhere yet. It is awfully disappointing though when a recruiter tells you that aren’t you that you’re not good enough for the job.Monday was good. It started off with some interview preparation by reading up on interview tips. Next I went to ProStaff to complete some paperwork just incase they have any positions open up that I would fit. Finally, it was off to family home evening at the stake center. After the lesson, we went to Applebee’s where I ordered my standard order: two orders of bacon, an order of fries, a dipping cup of chocolate and hot sauce. All for three dollars! Less is more.

Tuesday, was my first interview, it was at Kimberly-Clark. I wasn’t too fond that a recruiter called me based off seeing my resume and proceeded to assume that my past experience meant that I wanted to work in a factory setting. That is exactly what I’m trying to get out of at this point, switching gears, maintaining my stronger social skills from before the mission and work in a customer service setting for the meantime while I’m in school. After that, I donated plasma. Later in the evening I went to a dinner apppointment with the missionaries with a member and a potential investigator.

Wednesday, I managed to have two interviews: Batteries+Bulbs and Best Buy. Both seemed to go well. I learned a lot about each company, so I was quite excited to see the outcome of these jobs.

Thursday, the biggest event of the day was Institute. Before institute, in the morning, I had the opportunity to play Zion Lutheran Church’s new pipe organ, which was a blast because it has 4 manuals and a lot and lots stops which makes it one of the best instruments in the Fox River Valley! It’s also a place near to my heart because this is where I played a pipe organ for the first time back in like 2006. Then, I had a dentist appointment where I had some fillings done on my teeth. Then when I was at institute, we learned about the importance of Temples, which is where I’d be going in just a few days.

Friday, while donating plasma, I had the opportunity to chat over Facebook with an investigator I taught on my mission. It felt good to fulfill the commandment contained in the missionary handbook to write to those you have taught occasionally to encourage therm to remain faithful. She told me that she had set a baptismal date with the Elders. I was jumping up and down on the inside.

Saturday was an awesome day spent at the temple. We arrived in time for the 9am session. As it turned out, a member of the ward who is going on his mission next month received his endowments in that session. Afterward, I exchanged some garments. Then it was back to the temple to do some initiatories and some baptisms for the dead. To end the day at the temple, I attended the 2pm session. Thankfully we arrived back in Appleton a little after 7pm so I could finish my homecoming talk.

Sunday was a HUGE day. In the first place, I played the organ for sacrament meeting. In the second place, I gave my homecoming talk. In the third place, I shaved myself bald. In the fourth place, I did a self produced photo shoot of my bald head. Yeah, that was fun.

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