Busy Week in Mint Canyon

We’ve found a lot of success by working hard, being obedient, being more urgent, etc here in Mint Canyon this week. It’s been wonderful to see the Lord’s blessings.

For preparation day we had a few fun activities. First, we went mountain biking up a short mountain to where we stood on top of said mountain and there was a banner (United States Flag) unfurled. Pun intended. After that, we had a zone activity of scatter ball. Fun stuff. In the evening after preparation day, we taught a Filippino lady with the Filippino missionaries from Arcadia. That was interesting.

Tuesday, we had weekly planning. We almost were going to have a lesson in the middle of it, but it got cancelled.

On Wednesday, we were out and about when we were trying to contact a referral when we found a cool family playing on the grass outside of their apartment building. We taught them and picked them up as new investigators. Also, we helped them draw with sidewalk chalk a big happy birthday message to their father.

Thursday, we had another stacked day with lots of teaching appointments. Disrict meeting was awesome learning about planning in relationship to finding. Then came the lessons, our first one was so cool because we walked in to his apartment and he was trying to look up Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration on his TV. He had already read all of the pamphlets we had given him and some of the Book of Mormon. Exciting. Then, later we had another lesson with some of our other investigators about the purpose of prayer. On of the investigators who had previously refused to pray, prayed for the first time in a lesson and probably vocally.

Friday, we went on exchanges with our district leaders. Elder Clark and I stayed in our area with my mission grandson Elder Johnson! Yay! We ended up finding three new investigators on our exchange which all seem super promising.

Saturday, the culmination of super windy week in Santa Clarita ended with a big dust storm. We went out walking and talking with people and we came back to the car and it was just coated with dust. We ended our exchange and had a service opportunity with one of our investigators which was super awesome. We then had dinner with an ex Navy Seal which took up the remainder of our time with his stories.

Sunday, we had church which was a little disappointing because only one of our many investigators came. But we had a great evening talking with people.

Elder Blodgett
California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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