Busy Week in Sylmar

Now that the two of us are relatively settled in to the Sylmar ward, we are beginning to figure out what is going on and how to focus our efforts. We’ve also had a busy week because we’ve been able to establish contact with our investigators and have been able teach several of them.

Last Monday was really fun. Instead of going to the normally scheduled zone activity, we hooked up with Elder Thorpe (one of my former companions) and his companion Elder Liddiard and played frisbee golf. It was a lot of fun, it wasn’t too hot, got a lot of exercise and as far as throwing a frisbee, I’m not half bad at it. I was only like 20 over par compared to regular golf which would probably be like 40 or so over par. Later in the evening, we taught one of our investigators about how to study the Book of Mormon.

On Tuesday as soon as we finished weekly planning, we had KnockOut and visited several of our investigators. We talked to one, whom we were able to set a return appointment for later on in the week.

Wednesday, we did some service for a member packing boxes as they prepare to move later on in the week. Before that we dropped off a Bible to a lady who requested one several months ago and for some reason or another missionaries have not had contact with her and we finally were able to deliver it to her. Later on in the day, we had an exchange. I went with the district leader’s companion, Elder Brown, in to Spanish work. It was fun except for I didn’t know any of what was going on.

Thursday, we were waiting to go to Zone Training Meeting with Elder Postelnicu and our district leader, Elder Durrant when we saw this couple outside our complex looking strangely happy. Turned out, it was the parents of one of the sister missionaries that live in our complex. They were here to drop some stuff off for her, which they wanted to personally drop off at her apartment door, but they were currently home. So we took snapped a selfie real quick and took the stuff up to her and her companion. We exchanged back at zone training meeting. Zone training meeting was awesome, we focused a lot on how to ensure that we baptize our investigators on the first scheduled baptismal date we invite people on. After ZTM, I had my temple recommend interview with President Henrie and got that renewed. It will expire in August, per direction of the General Authorities, they have mission presidents write down when the recommend was issued in such a way that it will expire approximately 4 months after the missionaries return home so that they need to meet with their Bishop and Stake President soon after getting home.

Friday, we stopped by many of our investigators and despite many of them not being home, we picked up one new investigator and taught several others. It is starting to get hot also so biking was fun. Thankfully, people have been giving us water which helps quench that thirst.

Saturday, was more of the same story as Friday. After KnockOut, we had a ward dinner at church. It was the ward’s chili cook off which was a lot of fun, but I would have preferred to have had some spicy chili, because most of it was super mild. At the dinner, the ward choir director gave me the music the ward choir is working on for ward conference in a couple of weeks. After the dinner, we headed to the chapel so I could practice it a little before rehearsal the next day before church services.

Sunday was pretty relaxing, most of the day was spent at church and having studies after church. We had a good time during knockout and having a Hawaiian dinner with a member.

Elder Blodgett
California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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