Another Interesting Round of Transfers

Well, for the second to last time on my mission, it would appear as if the dreaded transfer call is telling me that it I am going to another area. Also, for the third time on my mission, I will be staying with Elder Postelnicu and we are whitewashing an area together.

Beginning with Wednesday, we managed to begin weekly planning but were not able to finish it until Friday. It didn’t help that we for some reason or another were all really distracted together as an apartment and were all talking for longer than was needful. Thankfully however, we got most of it accomplished and were able to get to knockout on time.

 On Thursday, we had an awesome district meeting about teaching repentance. We had role-plays as part of that which was nice to have another opportunity to practice our teaching together. Through out this entire transfer, I’ve had to take a lot of the lead in our companionship because Elder Postelnicu is a lot like one of my previous companions who isn’t the most talkative and takes a back seat in everything. Every opportunity we have to practice is even more helpful for him.

 On Friday, we finished weekly planning and then had what I call “Apartment Inventory.” It is based on companionship inventory found on page 150 of preach my gospel but we do it to review how the transfer has gone and set goals with everyone in the apartment. 

Saturday was the day of transfer calls, which this time around wasn’t nearly as nerve racking to wait for as many previous transfer calls are. We got a lot of work done and visited a lot of members of our ward to get to know them. It was a little sad that we’d soon find out any attempts at building relationships with them would be called to a halt. During KnockOut, we taught a guy who is going to University of Southern California, we committed him to baptism on March 26th before knowing that, so we dutifully sent his contact through referral system.

 Sunday, we said our goodbyes to the ward. It was ward conference which was really awesome to hear from the stake presidency and the bishop. I’m really going to miss Sherman Oaks, it was a great ward to serve in. I’ve grown a lot here and have really grown to love the people here. Onward and upward to my eighth ward on my mission.

Elder Blodgett
California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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