A Really Fast Week Because We’ve Been Busy

Wow, the transfer is already half over? Where has the time gone?

Monday evening was a first for me, we were trying to stop by a former investigator near where a police helicopter (or as they call them here, ghetto birds) was circling the night sky. We got to the house where we wanted to visit when the chopper put the spotlight directly on us, thankfully we left with out actually being suspected but that was quite the adventure.

Tuesday, was our first real day of living our new missionary schedule. It went relatively well, except for it was weekly planning so we were going to be in our apartment planning for several hours past 10am anyways. It was strange planning in the morning but it was kind of exciting anyways. As soon as we finished with exercise and I ate my breakfast I made my lunches for this past week and next week: a huge batch of pea soup! Yum! It turned out really well and I might make it on occasion when I get home. Plus, now that I know how to make it I won’t have to take advantage of Grandma making it. I did this intermingled with weekly planning. After planning, we visited and taught a recent convert in our area about the Plan of Salvation. Our ward is currently working on going through the ward list to try and clean it up and so on assignment from the Bishop, we’ve been trying to visit as many people as we can so that at a meeting tomorrow we have as much information about people as we can to know where people are.

On Wednesday, we visited more members of the ward and taught one of our investigators a little bit about the purpose of prayer. We did knockout early because we had an early dinner. During knockout, we knocked in to who may be the first famous person I’ve actually recognized on my mission–Cesar Milano, a famous dog trainer.

Thursday, we had an awesome district meeting about helping our investigators to attend church. That was followed by having dinner with a really awesome member of our ward who took us out to a Chinese restaurant that was super delicious.

Friday, we stopped by a lot of potentials in our area and then went on exchanges with the district leader. We had a great knockout, Elder Kang and I, and then as the four of us serving in Sherman Oaks and in the same apartment had a really fun dinner together of Costco pizza and frozen yogurt.

Saturday, we visited and taught several of the investigators on the other side of the ward on exchanges which was fun. They have some awesome people that are progressing towards baptism.

Sunday we had church. It was fast and testimony meeting and I finally mustered enough courage to share my testimony which I haven’t done for several months. Afterwards we taught Young Mens during third hour about the Plan of Salvation again. It went really well. After knockout, we had dinner with the Bishop which was super fun.

This morning, we cleaned our apartment and cleaned out the stairwell in the complex from all of our tread marks because we haven’t been very good at keeping our tires from hitting the walls as we go up and down.

Elder Blodgett

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