Spiritually Fed During General Conference

I haven’t received the SD card yet!  Please hurry up …

Anyways, this has been a fantastic week.  A lot of cool things have transpired.

Tuesday and Wednesday were a bit, shall we say, boring.  Tuesday was weekly planning.  After planning, we had an exchange with our zone leaders.  We got a bit of work done, but not a lot came from it.  At the end of the exchange on Wednesday, Elder Turner was sick. He slept most of the afternoon.  As he was sick, I got a bit sick too – cabin fever.  No human interaction for 5 or so hours.

Thursday was better, we had an awesome district meeting and set goals for the upcoming month of October.  Side note – time is going far too fast.

Friday, I was super trunky – for General Conference, every time I looked at a clock I figured out how many minutes until conference.  We did some service at a park and had a super awesome dinner with our ward mission leader.

Saturday and Sunday were, of chorus, conference.  It was a great conference.  I particularly enjoyed how the talks seemed to be geared towards investigators, recent converts, less active members, and returning members.  On Sunday, we had the privilege of watching in a members home. Our investigator, Bill, made it and it was a great experience.

Hope all is well back home.  Progress report on computers:  if I finish the ARP book within the next 4 weeks, I get to email again.

Love, Elder Allen J Blodgett

Say, do you know if I can get a flu shot?

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