Well, after approximately 4 months or so in the Tarzana Ward and 3 companions later, I’m getting transferred again.  This time I am going back on bike!  My new companion is Elder Turner and my new ward is Copper Hill!

It has been a fantastic few transfers, even though at times it did not seem like it.  I’ve learned a lot from the people here, my companions, etc.  I will admit that at least a little bit I’m glad I won’t be with Elder Agamata anymore so I can feel like I can take more of a lead in our area with my new companion.

I’m grateful for Elder Carroll for being a courageous companion who, while new, understood that something was off with the way we planned and voiced his opinion so that we all could have an equal input into our weekly and nightly planning sessions.  I’m grateful for Elder Agamata, who, somehow or another, has an ability to teach the Restoration message on every doorstep.  It has allowed me to be able to improve in my abilities of sharing this important, life changing message.  I’m grateful for Elder Thompson, who while quite trunky taught me the importance of working with the members.

This has been a bit of a slower week for us.  It always seems as if the week preceding and the week succeeding transfers is slow.  I can’t ever seem to explain why.  That said, we picked up a new investigator this week, who is a roommate of a member in the ward.  We taught him several times and he’s even come to church twice so far.

On Friday we had an amazing zone training meeting.  We had a lot of trainings on using the Book of Mormon in our teaching.

Saturday, the day of transfer calls, was busy, even though a lot of our appointments fell through.  We were able to teach a few people and bring a member along with us.  In the evening, out came the suitcases and I began packing, for the fifth time!

Sunday was church, both Elder Carroll and I gave prayers in sacrament meeting signifying our last Sunday in the ward.  We came home, had lunch and studies, packed a little, did knock out, and proceed to head up to Santa Clarita. We arrived at the mission home around 7:30pm and stayed there for a bit to talk with the assistants and the Henries.  We then came home and I packed some more.

So, with being on a bike, I’m going to need a few extra cash put on my card for bike repairs.  That’s not an approved MSF transaction.

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