Transfers- added a 3rd companion

Well, this is odd, considering everything that has been going on in the past several weeks.  Much to my surprise, Elder Agamata and I are staying together.  However, my tradition of going to transfer meeting ever transfer continues.  Everyone may be thinking “A repeat of Elder Thompson and you moving wards?”  Nope!  We’re getting a third companion!  Yes, we’re going to be in a trio.  Our third companion is a visa waiter who has been called to England and has been called to be Mandarin speaking.  And yes, that means we are both training him!

Frankly I was shocked.  After all that I’ve been struggling with to be called as a trainer was surprising.

It’s been a good, busy week for us as it seems that every last week of the transfer goes this way.  We were able to teach Joe but we’ll have to pass him off to nearby missionaries and we picked up another investigator who lives outside of our area.  After attempting to tell Elder Agamata that we really need to pass them off to other missionaries, he finally agreed to ask President and he said that we did.  So, we’ll be passing off our two most solid investigators off to different missionaries.

So, I’ve done a lot of thinking on the computer situation and I think I’ve about figured it out.  So, here is what I need:  3 16GB SD (not micro SD or xD) cards.   These things are super cheap these days.  What I will do, is I will send a card home every week, then you can put the pictures on my cloud storage (URL and instructions provided).   Now, I’m going to make this a tad bit cheaper for you, I believe there is an SD card in my video camera which I sent home in my box from Salt Lake City.  Of chorus, when you get the card and the picture files uploaded, send it back EMPTY for my usage the next week. THANK YOU!

This week we were able to do some service.  We helped a new member of our ward move in.  That was really exciting as our ward recently lost several of its members either to moving or death. Just like when I was in Chatsworth, the ward here is older, most people here are empty nesters with a primary of about 20 children and youth even less than that.

I’ve completed several more temple pictures since I last updated y’all on this project.  I’ve drawn Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Saint George, and Copenhagen Denmark.  I’m not sure what I will do with them, but it’s fun.

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