Painting Temples

It’s been a hectic week for us.  A lot of things have transpired.

This past Monday, I acquired paint (red, yellow, blue, white and black) and am now beginning to paint my pictures of temples.  I painted one for Elder Carroll this week and will be doing one for Elder Agamata next week.  I hope you got the SD card, please upload ALL of it to the cloud, and send it back EMPTY.

This week doing studies I finished the new testament.  This morning I started the old testament. I am currently going back through the Book of Mormon.  In addition to that, I am currently reading through the November 207 Ensign (Oct 2007 General Confernce) and read yesterday the talk that you quoted from President Hinckley about not getting offended.

On Tuesday we had interviews with President Henrie, which went well and weekly planning.

On Wednesday, we had exchanges with our zone leaders.  I stayed with Elder Carroll and Elder Mahlum.  We had a really awesome dinner at a Mongolian restaurant with a member which happened on the spur of a moment.

On Thursday we had a district lunch prepared by Elder Agamata and had district meeting immediately following that.

On Friday some interesting stuff happened.  For whatever reason or another, Elder Agamata and Elder Carroll do not seem to be getting along.  This particular day seemed to be a tipping point.  They had gotten into an argument immediately before companionship study.  I began to offer the prayer to apologize to the Lord for whatever may have happened between the other two-thirds of the companionship and pleaded for the Spirit to return.  As soon as the prayer was finished Elder Agamata left the room.  Long story short, the district leaders came and we had an emergency companionship inventory.

On Saturday, we had a service project at Operation Gratitude which was super fun.

Sunday, church was amazing.  Elder Carroll spoke about receiving a testimony and a member of the Stake Presidency spoke about the temple.  I once again played the piano in primary.  We had several lessons that day and all was well.

Elder Allen BlodgettIMG_0008

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