Don’t Eat Too Much Cake … FAIL!

It’s been an interesting week this week.  Sadly, a lot of our investigators have either dropped us or we’ve had to drop them due to lack of response.  Again, thus saith the Lord God of Hosts, separate the wheat from the tares.

Tuesday is when this process started.  WE had several appointments set for immediately after weekly planning when the people we had selected were not there.  To our dismay, when we arrived home for evening planning, one of them called us rather mockingly telling us not to come back.

On Wednesday, the same situation occurred – had an appointment and they weren’t home, but thankfully we had time to go to Operation Gratitude to give service there.  Here is where the subject line comes in.  At our dinner because elder Agamata was celebrating his birthday, the Bishop made him no-bake cheesecake to help him celebrate.  I partook, but didn’t help me stay on my diet for the rest of the week.

On Thursday, the birthday of Elder Agamata, at a district meeting a cake was brought.  I had one slice there, but it got worse later.  The member we had dinner with made him a missionary cake complete with a tie and collar (frosting shaped like those things.)  I had another slice there.  But even that got worse!

Friday we had ten-day follow up for Elder Carroll, which was fine. It was a great meeting, plus Elder Thorpe is in our zone and is training a new missionary, so it was nice to give him a ride there.  Later that evening, we had no dinner and I was peer pressured by my companions to eat the rest of the cake.  AHH!  I was so sick.  I was in a food coma.  I probably shouldn’t have been driving but I had to since I am the designated driver.

Saturday we helped a new family move in to our ward, their home.  Plus we taught a really awesome investigator, Horace who is really excited to learn why there are so many churches.  And again, another appointment with an investigator who did not show up.

On Sunday, the cake was finally finished and my diet is back on!  Church was great and studies were too.  We had dinner with the member who referred Jose to us, plus Jose was there. He now has a baptismal date for September 2nd, so hopefully things go well with that.


Elder Allen Blodgett

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