New convert lessons continuing

I hope all is well back there in Wisconsin.  Did Grandma “officially” move yet? It’s been a good, short, week here.

Tuesday evening and as well Saturday morning we were able to meet with and continue going over the recent convert discussions with Leo.  He’s progressing well and is excited to keep moving forward in his new-found faith.

Wednesday was a bit of a wacky day.  We had to go shopping on Wednesday instead of Tuesday because we didn’t get our cards reloaded until Wednesday morning.  I ended up buying a 9 pound half ham.  It has and still is delicious.  We had an appointment with a less active member who gave us a really slick knife. It’s safe to say it’s not leaving my suitcase for the remainder of my mission.  On Wednesday we also met with our investigator Mel, who left for France the next day for a few day tour with his Mom’s band.

On Thursday we did some service for Operation Gratitude which is always fun and we also had an exchange with our district leaders.  It was fun being with Elder Engle who has a lot of awesome jokes and stories.  We were supposed to have splits with the High Priest Group, but it didn’t pan out so we had coordination meeting instead.  On Friday we had our monthly zone training meeting.  It was nice and it seemed much more motivating than the previous few.

On Saturday, we had the chance to help a member in a nearby area move in as well as beginning our fast as after lunch as we didn’t have a dinner that day.  As a zone, we had a begin our fast meeting (despite the fact that we came already fasting) which was super awesome.

Church was great, we had a really cool lesson about the temple in priesthood based on Elder Quentin L Cook’s recent General Conference talk.  We also had an impromptu zone testimony meeting later in the afternoon, which was really spiritual.

Honestly, I’m so done with this stupid computer restriction.  The impression I received while fasting is that it has gone on long enough and that said, I plan on emailing again beginning next week (you can start emailing me beginning June 20th).  I’ve wondered over and over again why God has given me the talents or gifts of using computers.  I still l recall hating typing classes in elementary school and as I learned to do it, I enjoyed it.  Then, I learned about setting up for church broadcasts and other church media needs.  Then I took that knowledge a step further after you insisted I take a computer repair class.  I don’t know the exact reason why those things came to be, but I do feel like god has given them to me at least in some small way to grow his Kingdom on the earth.  I feel like there is potential President Henrie is preventing me from having, and I also feel that by not having my computer/email “privileges” right now is preventing me from sharing the gospel in ways that will reach the hearts of those I might not otherwise be able to find.

Love, Elder Allen Blodgett
written 6/7/16

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