Lunch with member from Chatsworth ward

What an interesting week it’s been.  We’ve met a lot of cool people and had a few interesting experiences.  We had an awesome zone activity last p-day which was a lot of fun.  We had a BBQ, filled with amazing hamburgers and some interesting games.

For some reason or another, we were unable to meet with the people that we’ve been working with.  Mel was still getting over jet lag from going to France and Leo we couldn’t contact.

We again did service at Operation Gratitude this week a couple of time making bracelets and sorting donations.  We also helped a family move some furniture from their old apartment to their new home.  Afterwards, they were having lunch with a member from the Chatsworth Ward, and they invited us, so it was really nice to see them again.

Our weekend is when things got interesting.  On Sunday, we both gave talks in Sacrament Meeting.  My talk again happened to be on missionary work.  A funny experience happened on Sunday as well as we were driving to knock out when I spilled my water on our ward list so we decided to stick out our ward list out the window so it could dry out.  What happened (this while we were going at about 35mph) was most of our ward lit got blown out of my hands. We then turned around as soon as we figured out what had happened and as we found it, it was still intact.  Then we stopped and just as we got out of our car and another car had run over it and it completely blew apart.  We were able to collect all the pages and it is now full of tread marks!

Going back to Saturday, we went up to our complex gym when we got there, we found out it is closed for the week for renovation.  On our way back, I noticed a chair placed by the trash room.  I grabbed it so now I have a nice office chair for my study desk.

And now back to Sunday, we went up to the pool/gym area so I could grill some steaks. I love grilling!

Love you all,
Elder Allen Blodgett
written 6/13/16

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