Hectic, busy, fun week

So your letter today will be arriving a little later than usual as preparation day was postponed by one day due to Memorial Day.

It has been a hectic, busy week.  This had made for a fairly fun week for us.  For starters, we had several exchanges with our zone leaders and our district leaders.  We also were able to meet with one of our investigators for the first time since we’ve been in Tarzana.  Plus, we taught Primary on Sunday.

We had a really crazy exchange with our zone leaders.  We exchanged really late at night, around 9:30pm, and the zone leader that was coming here for the day didn’t have a chance to pack up and bring his stuff here.  So, all five of us (they are in a trio) piled up in their car and we all slept in their apartment for the night.  Then, several times through the day we temporarily exchanged back at district meeting and other times before the actual exchange ended around 9:30pm the next day and we didn’t get home until nearly 10pm.

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to meet with our investigator Mel.  He has been meeting with missionaries for several years and has struggled to come to church.  He used to work on Sundays but no longer works for the company that he worked at on Sundays.  He said that he was going to be at church this past Sunday but never showed up.

We also had a mini-exchange with our district leaders this week.  We exchanged during knock out and I went into the Spanish area.  We knocked in a complex where nine out of ten people spoke Spanish so I didn’t have much opportunity to speak.  Something cool that happened was I saw this bird perched on the railing of the second floor so I took out a pass-along card and flung it at the bird and I hit it.

We were asked several weeks ago by the primary president in the ward to do the sharing time activity.  So, once a month they have a guest come in and portray a prophet in the Book of Mormon.  So, we portrayed Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty.  We found an old bed sheet in our apartment and ripped it up, with the help of the kids and they made their own titles of liberty.  The primary pianist also happened to be out of town, so I substituted.

We did some service again this week.  WE spent several hours at Operation Gratitude and made a lot of paracord bracelets.  Then, we also helped a less active member in a nearby ward clean up his house before they move in next week.  They had already moved in their baby grand and they let me play it.  I just learned “Bring Him Home”, from “Les Miserables”.

Love, Elder Allen Blodgett
written 5/31/16

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