A Scorcher

As I suppose you might be able to assume, it’s hot around here right now.  At the time of writing of this email (hand written on paper), it is awfully hot outside.  In fact, today (Monday) the high temperature is around 110°F.

Also, as you can tell, I’ve emailed you (sent via US mail).  To put it simply, the more I think about it, some thing I heard recently has really applied to me and this situation.  What I heard was unless you set a goal for yourself you are not very likely to actually have the motivation to reach for the goal and make the changes that come from attempting to reach for that goal.  Because of the fact that President Henrie tried to set a goal for me (to just not touch a computer ever), the self-motivation to reach for it has never come to me.  I tried to gain it, I prayed for it, but to simply not use a computer does not feel like the battle I need to fight right now.

DO NOT tell me that because of what I’ve said thus far means that I’m addicted or that I’m not being humble or anything to that effect.  That is neither yours nor President Henrie’s responsibility.  It is solely mine to realize and figure out what needs changing in my life.  People are free to give constructive feedback, but nobody can force anybody to make any changes in their lives.

That said, all is well.  I’m happy to hear that an offer was made so quickly on Grandma’s house!  It’s also exciting to hear that the move went well.

This week was our mission temple trip.  It was a big headache just to get there.  Because of somebody’s poor planning, Elder Thompson’s departing temple trip was on the same day  / time as half the mission.  My half was going another day.  Because we were going on separate days, it made it confusing as to who we needed to be with so we could still have a companion.  Any ways, we both made it and it was fantastic!

On Sunday, we were able to attend a baptism.  We had received word that one of our investigators in Van Nuys was getting baptized, but when we arrived we found out that it has been cancelled, but there was another baptism going on so we sat in on that one.

We were able to meet with Mel this week again and we read the Book of Mormon.  Leo is also doing well, he is active and we’ve been meeting with him almost every week.

We did a lot of service again this week for Operation Gratitude. They had an assembly day on Saturday and we helped them by teaching people to make paracord bracelets.

Last week for our zone preparation day activity, we went on a hike / scavenger hunt.  It was super fun.  Also, the gym in our complex was closed this week for renovations so we went to various trails though out our area for exercise this week.

Love, Elder Allen Blodgett
written 6/20/16

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