Another Fast Week but Nothing Happened

I don’t know what is happening. The past few weeks have flown right by, but it doesn’t seem as if anything truly happened.

This week we did some service for a member at his convenience store. He is super cool and gives us free sandwiches when ever he is there and we come in. And Tuesday was no exception. We helped him do a few things and then he gave us some sandwiches. Except me, I can’t eat carbs right now so all I had was some meat and cheese.

My diet is going alright so far. I’ve lost another four and a half pounds this week!

On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to help the city of Santa Clarita to maintain trails. We hiked up some trails in Newhall and cleaned the trails, putting the dirt in just the right places and making drainage ditches for rain water runoff. On Thursday we did some service at a nearby food pantry.

Friday, we had our zone training meeting. We had a mission tour earlier in the week and then had some training on Wednesday to all the zone leaders and district leaders, followed by zone training meeting on Friday.

We met with our investigator Joe yesterday who prayed for the first time and despite not wanting to come to church with us, yet; he is willing to come to the family history center at our church building some time because he is really big into genealogy.

Elder Blodgett
California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

2016-03-07  Zone Training Meeting

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