Hello from North Hollywood (area 2)

It has been a difficult transition into this new companionship. As I mentioned earlier, I knew about transfers before others did. My new companion has some challenges that are forcing me to do a lot more of the work–finding and teaching especially. We are beginning to adjust, but it’s slow though.

It’s another small ward here. I’m surprised by how small the wards are that I’ve seen around here. I know once you get outside of the “Mormon bubble” they aren’t big, but most of the wards I’ve seen in Wisconsin are significantly bigger than around here. Perhaps it’s because of the holiday season though.

We have a few investigators, but we are focusing a lot on building our teaching pool as it’s not much bigger than in Chatsworth. We were able to teach a few of our investigators this week and it was nice to do so.

PS     Oh…so we were out driving today and we see this random car driving around the car and it has a strange tower on the top…turns out it was a street view car! It’s at Laurel Canyon and Strathern.

My new address is 7651 Laurel Canyon Blvd #212, North Hollywood, CA 91605


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