Just keep working, just keep working

So not a whole lot of success again this week, but we’re just chugging along.

We met with Brad again this week. He’s struggling again, he lost his job again and was drunk when we met with him. It’s hard seeing him (and others) who we meet see the benefit of meeting with us and then stop and say the blessings from God stopped and blame Him even though it wasn’t God’s fault.

We found a few potential investigators this week, but after meeting them again found out they were not interested.  I’m at the point in my mission now that I’m not as excited about potentials as I was during my first week out. I assumed that everybody who told us to come back was truly interested, but it’s quite the contrary.

Oh yeah…I got a new companion again this week. His name is Elder Justin Clark. He hails from the state famous for space sightings: New Mexico, specifically Albuquerque.

I’m driving this transfer. We’re still listening to talks a lot to help us feel the spirit, however trying to understand the talks and drive at the same time is extremely difficult, so I don’t get as much out of it as I was when I wasn’t driving. It is nice to be able to review talks from this past conference so soon.

The following is a letter sent to the Blodgett family by two sister missionaries, who are serving in an area close enough that they would be in the same meeting at least once every six weeks or so.
Dearest Mama & Papa Blodgett,
     YOU HAVE AN AMAZING SON!  We just want you to know that you did a fabulous job raising one of the hardest working Elders we know.  He is an example of Christ here and all can see it.
     I love how we don’t have to ask him to do anything.  He will see something that needs to be done and then he’ll do it. No questions asked!
     Today and yesterday we decided to do a crepe breakfast for the missionaries in the zone and all who we invited (new members, less actives, and investigators).  It was just gonna be crepes, but Elder Blodgett, being the awesome missionary that he is, BROUGHT BACON BOTH DAYS!  and then! He did the dishes!  both days!  without us having to ask.  All the other elders in the zone wre sooo lazy and just stood there… WE had to ask them to help.  You raised an amazing son and we love him and the example he is.  

            ♥         Sister Maxfield and Sister Bosshardt

Elder Allen Blodgett
Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
California San Fernando Mission

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