Nothing is Happening

I wish there was something to report on today, but there simply isn’t. The work here is simply in a rut. Not trying to be rude or anything to the people here in Chatsworth, but they’re kind of ripening, perhaps even over ripening, in iniquity.

Every week of this transfer, we have reached the standard of excellence in contacting, but we haven’t even got a new investigator yet. Not a single person seems to be interested in talking to us for longer than 10 seconds. I don’t know if it’s the people of the area or us as missionaries or both that are in a rut.

Normally by now we should have gone on multiple exchanges as we have in prior months, but President Henrie won’t let us at the moment. It specifically says in the Missionary Handbook that we’re supposed to go on exchanges to learn from other missionaries how to be better at sharing the gospel and to take the things we learn from them back to our areas. That said, it seems weird that President currently doesn’t want us to go on exchanges.

At this point in my mission, I am feeling pretty sad that we haven’t a) had hardly anybody to teach and b) no baptisms. I just want to be able to lead somebody down in to the waters of baptism and experience their joy on their special occasion. The few people that we seem to teach can’t get past the second lesson before Satan seems to grab on to them. It is really frustrating. I hope I eventually get transferred somewhere else in the mission where there is actually teaching and baptizing going on. This ward hasn’t had a convert baptism in almost two years, significantly less than the average of 10 convert baptisms per year per ward/branch.

How did you get people to listen to you in Fresno? How did you get the members in your areas to give you referrals and go to lessons with you? It seems as ot many in  the ward want to come to more lessons with us and nobody knows anybody in our area for us to teach.

I also hope we get iPads real soon. I found a copy on the church website which is the church’s instruction manual for missionaries with iPads. It’s called “Missionary Work in the Digital Age.” I hope we get them real soon. After reading the manual, I think it would be really helpful in our mission to help get people interested in the church as most of the people here have digital devices.

Elder Blodgett
California San Fernando Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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