Miracles from God

This week has been fantastic. Words really can’t describe how well the work is progressing at this point. We’ve been continuing to do a lot of tracting, but unlike last week we have actually found some promising contacts.

First up was the temple trip. The LA temple is weird, but in a good way. Like all temples of chorus it’s extremely beautiful, but the layout of the building is very different. It’s one of the few temples left that you progress from room to room through the endowment session. To do it with film makes it even more different. The murals in the creation, garden, and telestial room are beautiful, but it seems strange to have them when it’s dark during the film.

Anyways, to have 100+ missionaries in the same endowment session was powerful. The spirit was super strong! President and Sister Hall were the witness couple and boy what a cute couple they were in the temple.

On Thursday, Elder Peterson and I went tracting and knocked on the door of a lady whom we taught the Restoration lesson to and invited her to read the Book of Mormon. She seemed really solid, but she’s moving out of our area, so we sent a referral to the missionaries there. We then tracted for another 15-20 minutes and knocked on the door of Brenda whom we taught the Plan of Salvation lesson to. We were able to set a return appointment with her for tomorrow.

Friday, we had an all day meeting up in Santa Clarita. It was super neat to be with a bunch of missionaries again. There won’t be many opportunities in life to be surrounded by so many missionaries. It’s a cool feeling.

On Saturday, Elder Peterson and I went tracting yet again when we knocked on the door of Van. We taught him the restoration lesson as well, invited him to church and set a return appointment for yesterday. He was busy yesterday at the time we set, so we set yet another appointment for Saturday. Then we tracted again for 5-10 minutes on Saturday and contacted Andrew across the street and we met with him yesterday as well and taught him the restoration lesson also. He seems to be understanding it and we’re trying to get a return appointment set up. Back to Saturday again, we knocked for a few more minutes and knocked on the door of Jason, he seemed to be interested in hearing our message and as we were talking to him, his Mother came through the conversation to get to her car and she said that he needed to talk to us! GO MOMS!

How about that for Miracles?

I know without a shadow of doubt that the Lord led us to these people. He is in charge and he know that these people are ready to receive the gospel.

2nd email – same day.    So Elder Peterson’s mother sent him an email stating that their family has some Blodgett’s in their family tree dating all the way back to Nauvoo. We may be distantly related, who knows?


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