Anxiously waiting

This week has been one of anxiety as I have gone from waiting to impatiently waiting for my call. I guess the Lord is really trying my patience right now. That’s okay, it’s a virtue I’ll need on my fulltime mission.

This week at the Conference Center was amazing. I’m not really sure why it was so busy this week, but that’s okay. The only people I’ve given tours to this week were non-members. I’m not allowed to ask if they are or are not, but when I ask them if they’ve seen the building or are familiar with the Book of Mormon, it’s obvious when they are or are not. It is fantastic preparation especially when showing guests the various paintings in the building for my fulltime mission.

This week was a strange week for the Tabernacle Choir. Rehearsal began an hour earlier than normal as the Choir had a special mini-concert at the Grand America hotel later in the evening. We have had two guest artists this week. Audra McDonald, a gifted opera star and actress on stage/screen sang with the Choir at the mini-concert and Dale Warland will guest conduct the Choir on this Sunday’s Music and the Spoken Word broadcast. The Choir is anxiously engaged in preparing for General Conference right now as well.

There is not much to report on right now from the Global Service Center. Everyone there is excited to know where I’ll be serving also. I just can’t seem to figure out if they’re more excited or if I am.

I met President Monson again this week. I got yet another piece of chocolate from him. He seems to be doing well for his age. It was kind of funny when he offered me a piece of chocolate, he told me to take one home to my wife. I was like “President, I’m on a mission, I don’t think I should be married yet.” After that the security guard pushing his wheel chair was like “Thank you, now get going.” Before that I saw Presidents Eyring and Uchtdorf.  After meeting the Prophet I met Elders Oaks, Nelson, and Bednar.

I have not started the work for our ancestors this week as I didn’t receive your mail until after attending the temple. Yes, I did stop in at the office on Friday to check to see if my call came in, but it did not.

I have found out online that missionaries are typically assigned on Fridays with call letters reaching the church headquarters mail room on Tuesdays. It hasn’t been a full two weeks since my papers were submitted, so there is a possibility that it will come in this week.

Enjoy Women’s Session!


Elder Blodgett

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