The Prompting as Clear as a Bell

It’s been a great week. Today it was time for a new belt, it’s a size 42, I have no idea what that means, but it’s at least 6 inches smaller than my old belt. The other belt you bought me before my belt wasn’t that great, it’s as if it was made of cardboard and is tearing everywhere.

This past Wednesday because the conference center was closed for tours, I helped with the stage crew building risers for the upcoming ACDA concerts in the building. It was quite the workout and I think it helped lose some more weight and build some muscle. I think I look good in a hard hat too.

I was able to give a tour to some nonmembers this Tuesday, which is nice, it allows me to be able to explain more about the doctrines of the church, not just how the building was built.

While I was serving this week at the front desk at the Global Service Center, a man came in who had served a mission several (many) years ago and one of his mission companions had gone inactive. The fact that the man came in and was a missionary and had a companion was not remotely important. What happened next was. He then went on to explain that his inactive former companion was a convert to the church and wanted to get a hold of the missionaries who baptized him. This is what I needed to hear and thankfully I was in tune with the spirit at that time as well! The prompting was clearer than if I were standing underneath the Nauvoo bell, I felt that there are experiences that I can only learn from on a full time mission and it is now time to prepare to leave on and that I shouldn’t delay. I have got in contact with a dentist and am unsure of how to proceed with a doctor at this time, but I’ll figure it out. I am meeting with Bishop Daley tonight before the adult session of stake conference to talk about this. I’m so glad that he had time in his schedule tonight, I wouldn’t want to wait yet another week to get this process moving. I haven’t been able to contain my happiness ever since this moment! I’ll write more once I meet with Bishop.

UPDATE: I met with Bishop Daley. He is also excited for me. He told me that he didn’t doubt at all I’d be able to do it. It gave me such comfort. I told him that because of my last physical being done in June that this physical wouldn’t be covered by insurance, so he is willing to write a fast offering check that will pay for that doctor visit. When I tried accessing the mission recommendation system this week, there were parts I wasn’t able to access, so I told him about that. Between meeting with Bishop and the session of conference, Bishop found a possible solution and will try that tonight, he also found out that the Winnebago YSA branch remains my “home” unit on the system and the funding unit as well, so it looks like I won’t be called to serve in the Wisconsin Milwaukee Mission.

Yes, I did donate plasma. It feels good to be able to serve in that capacity again. Many people see it as a way to make more money, I see it as a way to serve you by being less dependent on your hard earned money, serving those who live off the products that are made out of plasma, and finally myself to learn how to be more financially independent.

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