The Lord knows His people

I hope your holidays have been wonderful for you and that your upcoming busy season won’t be too stressful.

These past few weeks as most of the missionaries have had a break, I’ve been filling in at the front desk at the Global Service Center. It’s been nice to meet more people who work in the building and how a simple task such as a receptionist for the church helps to build the kingdom of God on the earth.

Since I last wrote to you, I have lost yet another 4 pounds, bringing me to 286 pounds. I have really enjoyed the exercise I’ve been getting, I have a new found energy level. I am currently donating plasma right now as my pulse was too high yesterday. I think the problem yesterday was that I didn’t have a wait time to allow it to come down, but I had more time to wait today.

Starting next week, the choir will resume their “normal” schedule. By normal I mean they will be rehearsing on Thursdays again. For obvious reasons they had given the past two Thursdays off.

It’s been strange being at the Global Service Center and not having devotionals. I really liked a conversation I had at the front desk this week with an employee and we initially started talking about the Church’s websites but I quickly turned into how the Lord knows His people and gives them tools to be able to be closer to him. This is evident in the transition to the 3 hour block of meetings and the upcoming addition of leader resources on to be able to update home and visiting teaching and callings just to name a few.

Today in addition to donating plasma, I also got groceries, went to an organ recital, and took a nice walk.


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