Prayer for Santa to come was answered

Merry Christmas Mom and Dad (rec’d 12/20)

I’m so glad all my parties are done for this holiday season, it makes dieting hard. On the bright side, I lost 10 pounds this month, so I must be doing something right.

This past week I’ve filled in a few times at the front desk which is a good thing so I know what I’m doing next week. Ticketing is slowing down right as there are not many events going on right now. It will pick up a little bit in March through May with conference and the Payson Utah Temple open house and will die off again after that. Reconciliation is steadily progressing.

On Tuesday there was a Christmas devotional/luncheon for all of the part-time tour guides on Temple Square. Our featured speaker was Elder Richard Hinckley and the surprise speaker was Elder D. Todd Christofferson. We also had harp & flute music from members of the Orchestra at Temple Square. Elder Hinckley shared an inspiring message from a 1982 ensign article about a couple of Canadian Mounted Policemen who were given the task to bring toys and food to less fortunate families. These two policemen saved one home for last, the family lived in a little home about a half mile from any road that had been plowed and it forced them to walk in snow well over their knees to deliver the gifts. They struggled and thought about quitting and returning but they kept thinking of their children and how if they were to give up on them. Finally they reached the house. The single mother of the children had told them Santa wouldn’t come this year because of all the snow, but the children suggested they pray. The mother reluctantly agreed as she knew that the children would have a hard time knowing that the Lord hadn’t answered their prayers. They prayed and had barely said ‘amen.’ when the policemen arrived with gifts and food. You can read more of the article here:

I was so touched by this story that I shared it at the devotional at the Global Service Center. I recalled the previous weekends Christmas concerts and how they made people of all ages “as little children.” I enjoy the faith of children, especially those in the story.

It’s been a delight this month at the Conference Center for tours, it’s nice to actually have people coming in and explain to them the purpose of the building. Yesterday I did an extra shift, but it was relatively slow. I love when I am able to see people’s faces light when they see the building.

This past Sunday was the final concert with the Sesame Street Muppets & Santino Fontana. I enjoyed my VIP seat and never realized how tall Big Bird was, he towers over everyone!

Today I did my laundry, got groceries, and went to an organ recital by Clay Christiansen. I love Christmas music.

Photos:  Harp and Flute; Elder Hinckley; Elder Christofferson; Big Bird, Count Von Count, Abby-Cadabby, Cookie Monster, and Elmo; Collection of pulpits back stage of the conference center. The pulpit with a furniture blanket over it is one of four seen during conference.


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