Men of the Choir

Not much has changed about the global service center mission, except that I’m particularly excited about the Christmas social that will happen next month that the Church is providing to all of the missionaries and employees in the building. It will have a devotional with the Presiding Bishopric with a buffet afterwards. The following Tuesday will be a devotional for the Church building hosting missionaries with Richard Hinkley, an Emeritus member of the Seventy.

Last week’s Music and the Spoken Word was quite delightful as the Men of the Choir sang “Called to Serve.” Because of this, I decided to watch the broadcast from the balcony with the rest of the missionaries.

This past Thursday, Church Floral Services had turned the lights on Temple Square to make sure they were all working and to see if they could find any gaps to add more lights. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a few photos of the beautiful lights.

Currently because of the slowness of the tourist season, it’s been rather slow at the Conference Center. I’ve been able to take one tour each night. It will be much busier next month; I’ve signed up to do a few extra shifts.

Today I’ve donated plasma, got groceries, and went to an organ recital at the Assembly Hall. The recital was by Richard Elliott, he included hymns, rag style tunes, and folk songs. Afterwards he invited any visitors to the recital come up to the stage and see the console because it is hidden by a set of pipes. He gave a very detailed demonstration of the instrument and brought us to the Tabernacle to see the blowers.

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