Seeing the Lord’s hand in the work

I hope you are both doing well. That is exciting news about Appleton, although it will not be enough for me to think about staying in the future. I’m enjoying my time here in Salt Lake City.

I’ve been seeing the Lord’s hand in the work here the past few weeks. This week as I was at a sitting post during on of my shifts at the Conference Center, a temple square gardener was giving a tour of the roof to a few of his friends. My sitting time was up and I joined them in the elevator, I was going to go down one more floor when I felt the need to get out of the elevator at the third floor with them. I overheard that the gardener was going to give his friends a tour of the building but he didn’t know much about the building, I immediately turned around and offered to show them the building. I knew right then and there that was where I needed to be. Their tour concluded in the Auditorium and the gardener mentioned an experience he had on his first day. His supervisor gave him a backstage tour and as he approached the green rooms for the First Presidency he knew that there was indeed a living Prophet on the Earth.

All members of the Church are invited to attended the LDS tech conference. I went to it thinking it would be a bit geeky, but left feeling spiritually uplifted. I enjoyed learning what the Church will be doing in 2015 with computing and giving my suggestions as to how to improve Church apps. Technology is to help further the work of the Lord upon the Earth.

One of the things I learned to enjoy the most at the LDS Tech conference was taking hand written notes. I’ve been able to remember more of the things I’ve learned at prayer meetings. One of the spiritual thoughts I’ve enjoyed this week was from Elder Ross who will soon be departing our mission at the global service center. He started by telling us what we might get for Christmas if we were to pool our money, like a sports car and our own airplane. He then closed by sharing how seeking after the riches of the world actually is to take off the armor of righteousness. Elder Ross reminds me a lot of Grandpa Steichen the way he looks and his attitude of life.

A few weeks ago when I attended sacrament meeting (family worship service) in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, my service with the Tabernacle Choir did not end until noon and I knew I wouldn’t be able to catch my bus in time so I went there. This past weekend I attended the other ward that meets in my building now that I know they have sacrament meeting last.

Yesterday I made a trip down to South Jordan to attend the Jordan River Utah Temple. What I found to be really spectacular is that from the FrontRunner boarding platform, I could see two temples: Jordan River and Oquirrh Mountain. South Jordan is the first city in the world to be home to two temples. The spirit was so strong as I heard in my head the primary song “I Love to See the Temple” and thought of new lyrics.

Today is of chorus my P-day. I went to the organ recital of Richard Elliott, donated plasma, got groceries, and attended a chili cook off put on by the afternoon ward (congregation).

Elder Blodgett

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